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The original Bolero drinking bottle, a must have!

The Bolero drinking bottle is your best friend when it comes to staying hydrated throughout the day. Take it to the office, the gym or just use it at home. Available in 3 types and 25 different colors.

Bolero drinking bottles: handy, fun and sustainable

It is always nice to be able to drink water at any time of the day and the Bolero drinking bottle helps you with that. The Bolero drinking bottle is resealable and reusable, making it a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic bottles. Better for the environment and better for your wallet ;)

The Bolero drinking bottle is available in three different types. Each type is good for no less than 750ml of lemonade.

Stainless steel double-walled
The stainless steel double-walled bottle keeps your drink cool (or warm). This bottle is bigger than the other two bottles, but the content is the same (750ml). This bottle is ideal for anyone who loves ice cold lemonade. With the Bolero stainless steel drinking bottle, you can keep your lemonade cool even on the hottest summer days.

Stainless steel single-walled
The stainless steel single-walled bottle is available in two different coatings: matte and metallic. The stainless steel single-walled bottle is available in 14 unique colors.

Tritan is super strong, lightweight and transparent. Ideal to take with you! The Tritan bottle is available in 9 different colours.

All Bolero drinking bottles come with a handy cleaning brush. This way, your drinking bottle is ready to use the next day in no time.

With over 70 Bolero flavors to choose from, drinking enough water will never be boring again ;)

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