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About us

Bolero Drinks Store distributes all flavors of Bolero

As the official distributor Bolerodrinkstore.com is the webshop for all your Bolero Drinks needs. We stock all the variations and flavours currently being produced.

When we took that first sip of Bolero Drink we were sold instantly to it's refreshing and great tasting flavours; not to mention the convenience, huge variety and of course great affordable prices.
What started with local distribution with only 6 flavours evolved to international distribution of all the variations (71 flavours) now being produced.
For this we thank all the loyal Bolero Drinks fans and we welcome new ones to give us a try and taste us as millions already have.


To make Bolero Drinks more accessible to our current and new users we have developed this webshop. 

Bolero Drink Store
Chamber of Commerce reg nr. : 37114730
VAT Nr. NL8137.77.306.B01
E-mail: info@bolerolimonadewinkel.nl
Adres: Impuls 26 1446WX Purmerend, The Netherlands (not a visiting adress)