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Refresh your inner self
Made with black tea extract and delicious fruit flavours, Bolero's Ice Teas have a naturally distinct and original flavour to enjoy any time of day.
They're made with no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, an...

Bolero Ice Tea is in powder form. A wonderful thirst quencher during hot summer days. Made with black tea extract and the delicious fruit flavors of Lemon, Peach and Passion Fruit. The Ice Tea's from Bolero have a natural and original taste and are low in calories. Perfect to enjoy at any time of the day!

Ice Tea without additives

The Ice Tea is available in various flavors and suitable for adding to sparkling or tap water. Without artificial colors and flavors, preservatives or sugar.

One sachet of Ice Tea yields between 1.5 liters to 2.5 liters. The sachets are available individually or in an affordable package of 12 or 24 pieces. Can't choose between all these delicious flavors? Then go for one of our mixed packages


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ICE TEA Lemon | 24 sachets (24x8g)
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ICE TEA Peach | 12 sachets (12 x 8g)
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