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Do you want to know more about Bolero sugar-free powdered drinks? Then choose one of our affordable mixed packages. Order along with your family, friends, colleague or neighbors and save on price and shipping.

Bolero sugar-free is low in calories and contains no artificial coloring, flavouring, preservatives or sugar. That is why it is also suitable for a sugar-free diet and for people with diabetes. Add it to sparkling or tap water and it will be a party for the whole family. Also suitable for use in recipes, desserts, yogurt and pastries.

Different sample packs available

Choose the mixed package that suits you best! Go for 3, 8, 12, 24, 58 or even all flavors. Choose your flavours or choose the top 12 or 24 of our flavors. You are in control!

Benefits at a glance:

  • All flavors in one package
  • Various packages available
  • Completely sugar-free
  • Low in calories
  • No additions
  • One sachets yields between 1.5 and up to 2.5 liters


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 Bolero FREE! Trial package | choose 4 flavors
 Bolero MIX PACK | all 79 flavors | 156 liters ( 79 sachets x 9 g )
MIX PACK | all 79 flavors | 156 liters ( 79 sachets x 9 g )
€43,45 €34,95
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